Rogos was formed in October 2006 as a cooperative society with the aim of offering services in the field of education, environmental education, local cultural and historical promotion and the protection and sustainable exploitation of the area’s natural heritage.
Since August 2007 the cooperative has managed the Gradina Visitor Centre for the Regional Natural Reserve of the Lakes of Pietrarossa and Doberdò on behalf of the municipality of Doberdò del Lago (GO).
The Centre is the logistical base for the organization of all activities and is also the registered office of the cooperative.
From April 2008 to March 2009 Rogos also managed the Visitor Centre of the regional nature reserve of Val Rosandra, organizing exhibitions, lectures and excursions.
Among the main objectives pursued, environmental education is a very important element since this is the best way to create an environmental culture among young people. With this in mind Rogos immediately undertook its own initiatives as well as working together with regional institutions, cooperating on the project “Conoscere per Crescere” (“Knowledge for Growth”) in the school year 2007/08 both for the nature reserve of Val Rosandra and the Natural Reserve of Lakes of Doberdò and Pietrarossa.
In April 2009 it was commissioned by the Region’s wildlife and natural environments protection service to conduct guided tours of the Schiavetti Biotope in Monfalcone (in the Province of Gorizia) involving about 600 school-aged students from Monfalcone.
With the aim of cooperating with research and education institutes, Rogos was granted accreditation by the University of Trieste for conducting training within the nature reserve.
Since June 2009, the cooperative has been active in the promotion of typical products of the Karst, an important part of local culture, creating a shop-window through which producers and the public can meet up and get to know one another.

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