In 2018 the Regional administration of Friuli Venezia Giulia established the “Carsiana” interdisciplinary work group, in order to provide technical and scientific support for the definition of the operational guidelines for the management of the Garden. This work group thus has the function of providing the technical and scientific guidance needed to ensure uniformity and continuity in the management of the garden, including from a strictly natural history perspective. In fact, the Working Group performs the functions of the Scientific Committee which was firmly requested by Gianfranco Gioitti, the founder and first owner of Carsiana, so much so as to include it as a “sine qua non” condition for the sale of the Garden to the Province of Trieste.
The work group is composed of Fulvio Affatati, Giuliana Renzi, Michela Tomasella and Marco Valecic, and also makes use the collaboration of Laura Sgambati.

The activities carried out by the Group can be summarized as follows:
- the continual verification of the botanical collections
- the development of project proposals for extraordinary maintenance interventions aimed at the sustainable remodeling of the Garden, with particular attention to the use of the water resources, the use of phytosanitary techniques (only those involving biological control are allowed) and for the production of its own compost
- the setting out of specific management guidelines for each habitat represented in the Garden and operational indications for the maintenance and management with a view to a historical-philological restoration of the Garden
- the drawing up of guidelines and criteria for updating the functions of the Garden, in accordance with the provisions of the Action Plan for Botanic Gardens in the European Union prepared by Cheney et al. (2000) for European Botanic Gardens Consortium
- the development of guidelines and criteria for educational and interpretative activities

From 19th December 2018 the management service of Carsiana has been delegated to the Rogos Cooperative which carries out garden maintenance activities, connected to the garden’s use, its interpretation and promotion.