Today, Carsiana, together with the other botanical gardens and plant collections, is called upon to perform the fundamental function of contributing to the conservation of biodiversity, through the conservation - and hopefully the multiplication - “in ed ex situ” of the rarest and most threatened species. With this in mind, a network is being set up with the other structures managed by the Biodiversity Service of the Region (for example the Volpares Nursery), as well as other structures present in the Region but also with other Gardens and Botanic Gardens in Italy and Europe.

The Carsiana Botanical Garden also cooperates with the Natural History Education Centre based in Basovizza, a Regional structure dedicated to environmental education and managed by the Regional Forestry Corps. The offer of the two structures is complementary and synergistic while the collaboration mainly involves the organization of cultural and educational events dealing with knowledge and promotion of the area and its biodiversity as well as the creation of interpretation and educational materials.