Flower day 2021

Flower day 2021

Today is Flower Day. These precious little wonders of infinite colors and innumerable shapes remind us how important it is to stop and take the time to observe and admire them.

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Happy Easter 2021!

Evening falls on Easter 2021. A cold breeze is felt arriving, it seems that winter does not want to end yet, in a few days it will make itself felt with its last (hopefully) blow of the tail. Some flowers will surely suffer a little and for this reason we took a tour of photos in these days, to be able to bring you the warmth and the beautiful light that accompanied us in the previous days.

A floral hug to you all!

Today we would have liked to give you some great news. March 21 every year is a special date for us. It marks the arrival of spring but also the opening of the Carsiana Botanical Garden. Destiny, on the other hand, this year also tinged this day with bitterness. The health emergency continues, and like last year we are forced to postpone the opening.

Index seminum 2021

The Index seminum 2020 of the Carsiana Botanical Garden is online!
In compliance with the Convention on Biological Diversity (Rio de Janeiro, 1992), the Carsiana Botanical Garden has prepared the list of seeds included in the Germplasm Bank that can be sent to public institutions for research, reproduction, conservation and education purposes. The material is not available for private or commercial purposes.

Happy Holidays!

Dear friends, we have spent together what has perhaps been the strangest year we can remember. It wasn't easy, but despite the limitations we managed to be close to each other in new ways. On the occasion of these holidays we want to send you a strong virtual hug, in the hope of being able to meet again this spring!

Day of the trees

“Let the peace of nature enter you as the sun's rays penetrate the branches of the trees. Let the winds blow their freshness into you and let the storms charge you with their energy. Then your worries will fall like autumn leaves."