Back to Nature - Carsiana Botanical Garden

Let's go back to Nature! The idea of creating promotional videos to advertise and relaunch areas of great naturalistic value, such as regional parks and reserves, but also the Carsiana Botanical Garden and the Basovizza Educational Center, was born from the Coordination of protected natural areas of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.

August 16: What tree is this?

Given the great interest shown at the first edition on July 5, we propose again the appointment dedicated to the recognition of wood species and the use of dichotomous keys.

August 14: Happy flowers, spirit plants

Stories of plants, distillation and water of life. This time we are organizing an informative and tasting meeting at the Carsiana Botanical Garden: in this path we will discover the "witty" side of plants, we will talk about liquor and distillation plants, the history of distillation and the discovery of the water of life.

August 2: Spontaneous edible herbs from the Karst

Given the great interest shown at the first edition of 11 July, we propose again the appointment dedicated to edible herbs from the Karst.

July 26: Walking among the water collections of the Carsiana Botanical Garden

Ponds enchant us in all seasons because they are small complete ecosystems, which gradually change over the months. Let's see how to make one in your garden, giving space to native plant species and waiting for the arrival of the animals that will not be long in visiting us.

July 19: Moths, the butterflies of the night

In Europe for each species of butterfly there are nine species of moth. Some are huge, among the largest flying insects in the world, others microscopic. Like so many other animals, they too give us an indication of the state of the area where they are present.