5th July: What tree is this?

The Dryades project, developed by the Department of Life Sciences of the University of Trieste allows us to keep dozens of interactive guides in the pocket for the identification of plants, mushrooms and animals.

28th June: Solstice Plants: the bunch of S. Giovanni

Given the numerous requests for the event proposed on June 21, we decided to reply on Sunday June 28!

21st June: Solstice Plants: the bunch of S. Giovanni

Dear friends, we are very happy to announce that we can resume the usual appointments in the name of knowledge of nature and botany. The first event to which we invite you is truly special, with many curiosities linked to a particular local tradition.

Summer timetable

From 10/06 the Carsiana Botanical Garden changes its timetable!

The conservation of spontaneous flora

The third video published by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region introduces us to an interesting and extremely important topic: the conservation of spontaneous flora.

Carsiana Botanical Garden - Trailer

Carsiana, the wonderful botanical garden of the Karst, can finally reopen its doors to the public. To celebrate the new season together and to invite you to visit us we have a special gift for you.