Happy Holidays!

Dear friends, we have spent together what has perhaps been the strangest year we can remember. It wasn't easy, but despite the limitations we managed to be close to each other in new ways. On the occasion of these holidays we want to send you a strong virtual hug, in the hope of being able to meet again this spring!

Day of the trees

“Let the peace of nature enter you as the sun's rays penetrate the branches of the trees. Let the winds blow their freshness into you and let the storms charge you with their energy. Then your worries will fall like autumn leaves."

Carsiana closes for 2020!

The Carsiana Botanical Garden greets you on its last day of opening for 2020, dressed in autumn colors and drops of water. Thanks to all those who have cut out a few hours to come and visit us and to all those who have followed through our photos the changing seasons in Carsiana.

We hope we have given you some serenity in such a difficult year.

3 November: Leaves of art

In autumn, nature offers us a wonderful natural color palette and for the occasion the Carsiana Botanical Garden is transformed into an art studio!

25 October: Autumn, colors and shapes

The changing of the seasons is clearly visible in the natural environment. With the arrival of autumn, the colors of the leaves change, the animals undertake their millenary migratory paths, others collect supplies for the upcoming winter and there are also many insects seeking refuge. Thanks to some simple tricks we can help both the plants present in our gardens and the wildlife to survive the winter without difficulty.

17 October: Geo Discovering Carsiana

The Carsiana Botanical Garden in collaboration with the Geological Service of the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, we accompany you on a journey into the geological past of the sinkhole to discover the geodiversity of the botanical garden and its link with biodiversity, with a very interesting study on the latest research on limestone rocks, on geological paleoenvironments and microfossils.