29th September: Medicinal geobotany: the paths of the ancient doctor

How was the medicinal flora of our area in '500? How many of these plants are still used and how has the landscape changed since that time?

We will follow the history and paths of Pietro Andrea Mattioli, who practiced in Gorizia in the 16th century, reconstructing the image of the ancient medicinal flora of our area, between the Isonzo Karst and the Trieste coast, through his most important work: the text of the Commentaries to the De medical material of Dioscorides.

Appointment Sunday, 29th September, at 3.30pm, in the company of Dr. Elizabeth Visentin, vice president and scientific director of the Oannes association, where she deals with the enhancement of the botanical-medicinal culture in the historical and scientific field.

Participation in the event is free.