15th september: What tree is this?

The Dryades project, developed by the Department of Life Sciences of the University of Trieste allows us to keep dozens of interactive guides for identifying plants, fungi and animals in our pockets.

Given the great success of the first edition and the numerous requests we present the appointment again on Sunday 15 September at 10.30. Together we will walk the garden paths, we will use the dichotomous key specially created for Carsiana and, thanks to the photographs and advice of the experts, we will learn to identify the wood species that we will find along our path. With the same principle it will also be possible to determine the herbaceous species that we encounter during our excursions in nature.

For those interested at the end of the activity, several books will be left with dichotomous keys for determining karst and non-karstic plants. We will also give you useful information to learn how to use the digital dichotomous keys that can be downloaded as an app for mobile phones and tablets.

Participation in the event is free.