Visitor Code

Dear Visitor, welcome to the Carsiana Botanical Garden!

The Botanical Garden is a museum structure and therefore should be visited with due sensitivity. Help us to take care of the Garden and to protect its plants and its structures by following these simple rules: here we are free to behave well!

• Youngsters and children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
• Only assistance dogs are allowed in the Garden. Please leave your four-legged friend at home. If this is not possible, they can wait in the reception area for visitors.
• Help us protect our plants so that all the visitors can enjoy them. Do not climb trees, do not damage or collect plants or parts of them and avoid the consumption in any form of toxic or otherwise dangerous plant material.
• Do not move or remove the labels showing the names of the plants.
• Do not leave the paths and be cautious, especially near the ponds and in the “coastal cliffs” section of the garden.
• Bicycles and other vehicles (with the exception of electric wheelchairs) must be left at the entrance.
• Leave flying the to the birds. Drones and similar devices are not allowed.
• Enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the Garden. Please do not bring radios, music players or musical instruments.
• In the Garden only the taking of photographs and videos for personal use is allowed.
• Do not smoke and do not discard waste outside the bins provided in the visitors' reception area.
• Do not introduce plants or animals to the garden, play with a ball or other games in the garden.
• For the safety of all users, it is forbidden to bring dangerous, pointed, sharp or blunt objects, weapons and ammunition, flammable or explosive materials as well as large bags into the garden.
• Guides and those accompanying school groups must ensure that the visit is organized in an orderly manner and that the students are always under their direct supervision.

BEWARE: some of the plants in the garden are poisonous!
In the Botanical Garden certain toxic or poisonous plants are cultivated, which in case of contact or ingestion can cause serious problems. Please pay attention and supervise children with special care.
In case of inappropriate behaviour, the Staff reserve the right to remove disrespectful or unruly visitors from the Garden in order to protect the integrity of the area and the security and tranquillity of visitors.
The Management declines all responsibility towards visitors for accidental damage to persons or property deriving from the violation of the above mentioned regulations and for any other natural causes (wind, insect bites, etc.).

Thank you for your cooperation!